Introducing Meg in Manayunk

Updated: Jan 30

I've spent the last hour trying to write a lead to keep you reading, but here's the deal. My name is Meghan. I live in Manayunk, PA. By day I work as an Account Executive with a content marketing agency in Philadelphia, and at night/on the weekends, I'm doing the thing I've been doing my entire life: bringing people together.

A MEG-a Recap

Everyone has a super power (a quirk if you will for my My Hero readers). For example, some people excel in math and science. Some people can write well. Mine? I'm loud. Just like, really loud. So loud that I have Peter Parker-level spider-senses that tingle when the energy in a room is off-kilter. And it started young.

Let me explain.

It was my sister's first holy communion. We had rented a tent, karaoke machine, tables, catering, the whole shebang. But to ensure that the party energy was kept at a constant 10, do you know what I thought was missing? Balloon animals. Yup. I taught myself to make BALLOON ANIMALS.

I created this apron and the name tag, oh... and I coined the never-before-used job title: Balloonologist. And yes. I dressed myself. (Notice I left out the communion girl...hehe main character syndrome love you sis.)

How We Ended Up Here

Sadly, I did not go on to major in Balloonology; however, the energy that 10-year-old Meg had in wanting to always keep the party going lived on in every extra-curricular activity, class, job and internship I had. And now, in the middle of a global pandemic, I realized that this energy isn't a physical existence. It's an existence that can be felt virtually. It's an existence that can be shipped in a box. But it's more than an existence. It's an experience.

Meg in Manayunk doesn't sell a product.

Meg in Manayunk doesn't sell a service.

Meg in Manayunk is where event planning and customized gift packages meets a shippable, customized experiences filled with products sourced from local and small businesses.

By day, I live my dream role as an Account Executive and at night, I continue the job I've done since I was 10-years-old: helping people feel unified. Welcome to the art of experience design.

Go to to learn more about how to design your experience.

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